The Kansas City weather can provides serious problems for masonry work over time.  Since the Summers are hot and muggy and the Winter’s cold and wet, weather sealing masonry work can help to protect your investment.  Capital Masonry provides weather sealing and water repellent for concrete, stucco, and most masonry surfaces. Weather sealing helps masonry resist cracking, spalling, staining and other damage related to water intrusion. 

It is important for both homeowners and building owners alike to protect their homes and buildings from the elements.  Over time natural weathering gradually degrades the face of most bricks, stone and mortar joints. This can make the appearance dirty and grimy and can even lead to structural damage.  Capital Masonry has been restoring and weather sealing all forms of masonry work for over ten years. Weather sealing your masonry work will protect you home or building from weathering.

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Weather Sealing
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